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Welcome to the Scottsdale Golf Blog

The Blog contains 6 categories:

  • Pro's Corner - Scottsdale Golf's instructional article series will sit here as well as on the main site. Here you will be able to comment on the articles themselves, advise whether the tuition contained wihtin the articles have worked for you and offer your own tips to readers of the Blog. It would also be great if you can suggest topics for the next Pro's Corner.

  • Equipment - The equipment side of the game is booming and a tweak here or there can make a massive difference. Whether its drivers, fairways, utilities, irons, wedges or putters - we want to hear what you think about it. Lets hear too what you think about the latest fashions you are wearing on the course.

  • Tour News - Everyone enjoys seeing the best players in the world thrash it out. Many of you will watch live golf on the TV or attend tournaments in person. What are your views on it? Do you like seeing a birdie-fest or prefer seeing the big boys struggle? Short courses or long? Are 650 yard par 5's too long. Is Tiger the greatest ever? What do you think, let us know.

  • Scottee - Scottee has become a mascot for Scottsdale Golf in 2009. We want this to continue with our customers. Scottsdale staff and their friends have been taking him on holidays, nights out, gigs, festivals, football matches, landmarks etc. You name it - Scottee loves it!

  • Courses - If you are the sort of golfer who enjoys a trip away or playing a different course every now and then, why not share the experiences you have had with us and everyone else via the blog. What's your favourite course? Links or Parkland? If there's nae wind, theres nae golf, do you believe that?

  • Scottsdale Golf - Think of this as the any other business section of the blog. If you want to leave a comment about the site, about the service you have received or about some new product you may want adding to the site catalogue - this is the place to do it. Whatever you need, we will help.


General Blog Stuff

The Scottsdale Golf staff would love nothing more than this blog to thrive and become a place for like minded golfers to share thoughts and views. We think the key is.... dont be shy. Write a post of your own, comment on one thats already there, send in a stupid picture of Scottee. The more people get involved the better the site will become. Advice and ideas will flow effortlessly between each other and hopefully we can all play better golf because of it.


Have fun and Happy Blogging!

If the blog is not enough and you want to get more involved with Scottsdale Golf, you can do so with Scottee, Facebook and Twitter. We always love to hear what customers think and how everyone's golf is going so let us know. Join the Scottsdale community.

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