Honma have established their brand of handcrafted golf clubs firmly at golf's top table.  They have managed to combine stunning apperance with incredible attention to detail - resulting in some of the world's best golf clubs.  In the suburbs of Sakata, spread out in the foothills of Chokai Mountain is Honma's Golf Club Plant.  All the Honma "Made in Japan, Sakata" clubs are produced here.  While this is one of the largest plants of it’s kind in the world, Honma believe that the word “Studio” is more fitting than the word “Factory”.  Honma golf clubs are carefully handmade one-by-one by qualified Honma staff.  There are more than 400 skilled craftsmen at the Honma "Studio" taking in a number of different golf club building processes.  No corners are cut or any job rushed to make any Honma golf products.  For 2019, Honma Golf have signed Major and Olympic Champion Justin Rose to be their lead brand amabassador.  It's a brand with tremendous history, but it's going to be an exciting future for Honma Golf too!

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