Miura Golf was founded in 1994 by Katsuhiro Miura and is widely regarded as one of the finest makers of golf clubs in the world. Each set is individually hand-crafted by Miura to ensure the finest quality. Miura golf clubs are regarded in the golf industry as the ultimate, providing unparalleled feel and playability throughout each set. Scottsdale Golf are delighted to be stockists of one of the finest brands in golf. The main benefit of Miura golf irons is the feel. There isn't a set of golf clubs that can compare with Miura when it comes to feel off the face. Miura have models that will cater for all players. From blades to larger cavity backs, there is a club for all players. Miura Golf is responsible for creating the irons that are in the bags of some of the world's greatest players. Many Major Championships have been won by Miura irons as they have created irons for some of the world's best.


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