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The golf driver is the one club in the bag can offer the most joy as another booming drive sails down the middle, twenty yards past your golfing pals. If it is misfiring it can also be the biggest source of frustration. Your pals don’t know whether to laugh or cry as your ball was last seen hurtling towards thick bushes thirty yards right of the intended target. If the second scenario is something that you can relate to a little too easily, then maybe you are using an ill-fitting driver that is completely wrong for your swing characteristics. 

Having the wrong flex of shaft in your golf driver can massively affect the shape and trajectory of your ball flight. Too whippy a shaft and you will often produce far too much spin with the result being a high, uncontrollable ball flight, that goes far shorter than it should. Too stiff a shaft and the club will feel harsh and the ball will often come out far too low and way off to the right. 

You may have a golf driver clubhead that is wrong for you. Not everyone will benefit from a centre of gravity that is low and forward in the face. This style of head can be particularly unforgiving on off-centre hits and if your clubhead speed is not high enough it can also cause the ball to fall from the sky far too quickly. Conversely, if you are a player that has lots of speed and a high launch, using a driver head where the centre of gravity is more at the back of the head will cause your shots to balloon, rendering much of your clubhead speed useless. 

Most top golf companies these days offer a variety of different heads in their golf drivers. This, coupled with the large selection of shafts available to choose from, allows you to pick a driver that is absolutely perfect for your game. Mizuno is one such company. They have long been heralded for their golf irons which are amongst the very best available on the market, but their golf drivers have flown a little more under the radar. A little surprising perhaps, as they offer performance that is the pinnacle of what is available on the market. 

The current range of Mizuno golf drivers is absolutely stunning. Featuring all the latest technology in adjustability of loft and head weighting they should absolutely be in your thoughts when you are considering purchasing your next driver. Many independent golf reviews in magazines and online have the latest Mizuno driver as the longest golf driver out there. 

The same can be said of the Mizuno golf fairway woods. Featuring much of the same tech found in their drivers they are high performing, beautiful looking clubs and are a great addition to any golf bag. Check out the full range including Mizuno golf irons, Mizuno golf hybridsMizuno golf wedges and stunning Mizuno golf bags

Scottsdale golf is proud stockists of all things Mizuno and we recognise the undoubted quality this historic brand brings to the golfing public. We have the full range of Mizuno golf drivers and Mizuno golf fairway woods available, as standard or custom-fitted options. Custom fitting sessions are available with our master fitters. Using the latest in launch monitor technology they can help you pick the best Mizuno golf driver for your game. Call 0161 969 4644 or email pro@scottsdalegolf.co.uk to book 

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