The father and son team of Fletcher and Gene Pride founded their company for the purpose of manufacturing wooden mouthpieces for Hav-a-Tampa Jewel Cigars.  Soon after its move to Maine in 1956, the company began producing golf tees as its second product, and Pride Golf Tee Company was born.  Today, Pride Golf Tee is the world’s largest manufacturer of wooden golf tees, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology that enables the company to produce billions of tees per year.  To compliment its world dominant golf tee business, in January of 2003, Pride Manufacturing, LLC announced the acquisition of Softspikes, Inc., and its sister company Trisport, Ltd. of England. This acquisition essentially formed the world’s premier golf accessories company, as Pride and Softspikes were the world’s leading golf tee and golf cleat companies, respectively.     Pride Golf Tees on Instagram     Pride Golf Tees on Twitter

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