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The Golf Powerpull

1 Minute a Day strengthens golfing muscles

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Product Details

The Golf Powerpull is a brilliant device that will help golfers of all ages and abilities to train their golfing muscles.  This resistance training device has been specifically designed to improve your golf swing.  Unlike gym and weight exercises which strengthen various muscle groups, the Golf Powerpull strengthens and tones the exact muscles used to power the golf swing.

Whats in the box
- Golf Powerpull muscle trainer
- Instructions

How the Powerpull was designed
After undergoing major ankle surgery and worrying about the effects that a lengthy rehab would have on his golf swing, a keen amateur needed something simple, quick and effective to maintain his golf strength and power. Designing and using the Golf Powerpull has not only maintained, but increased his power and control, enabling him to hit the ball further and with more control.  The Golf Powerpull specifically exercises a multitude of different muscles used during the golf swing. By doing so it improves the delivery of power and control, and as a result lowers your scores.

What happened to the Powerpull Golfer?
After using the Golf Powerpull for just one minute a day, every day, the positive effects steadily became apparent! Our keen amateur at the age of 57 and post major surgery started to hit the ball further than he ever had before, and the increased control started to produce real results. The facts speak for themselves.
In late 2016: selected for Senior England Team; Early 2017: wins two majors at home club, wins Welsh Senior Open 2017, wins James Braid Scratch Open 2017, wins Northern Counties Senior Open 2017 and wins Italian Senior Open 2017; Early 2018: selected for Great Britain and Ireland to play USA. It was clear that the Golf Power Pull really worked and we hope it works for you.

Seven golf swing fundamentals - How to benefit from the Powerpull
Not only will the Powerpull improve your power and control, it will teach you seven golf swing fundamental. Contribution by Eddie Birchenough; Head Pro at Royal Lytham and St Annes Golf Club for 27 years. Author of three books on the golf swing and a regular contributor to Golf Illustrated and Todays Golfer.

  1. You will learn to keep your hands and arms on the correct downswing plane.
  2. You will learn to transfer your weight to your left side. You cannot pull any other way.
  3. You will learn to feel and use the ground with your feet, creating the resistance you need to generate power.
  4. You will learn to clear your hips correctly. After the weight transfer and not at the start of the downswing.
  5. You will learn to synchronise your arm swing with your body turn. Your body supplies the power, your arms apply it.
  6. You will learn to keep your right hip ahead of your right knee in the downswing. You will lose power and balance if you don’t.
  7. The Powerpull will teach you dynamic balance.