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Putting is an area of the game where even a small improvement can make a huge difference to your score. Holing the majority of putts inside five feet sounds like it should be an easy task but, as any time-served golfer knows, the reality is somewhat different.  

Purchasing a golf putter that is ideally suited to your stroke can help you to make large strides forward in this crucial area of the game. By videoing your

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stroke at home on the carpet you can quickly ascertain what stroke style you have. The stronger the arc on your stroke, the more toe hang you want to see in the putter you use. 

Alongside their popular range of Spider putters, TaylorMade golf continues to produce a myriad of new putters both in classic style heads and more cutting-edge designs. Dustin Johnson has recently been on a crazy run of golf on the USPGA tour shooting scores the likes of which have scarcely been seen before. Obviously, DJ had good ball-striking weeks but he admitted afterwards that the biggest change was in his putting. Powered by a TaylorMade Golf Putter, his touch and feel on the greens was something to behold. 

Whilst we can’t all putt like Dustin Johnson, we can always strive to be the best we can. If you feel like you are consistently missing putts and leaving shots out on the course, then maybe you should look at one of TaylorMade’s superb new putters. With a design to suit every style of stroke, there will be a look and style here that works for you. All TaylorMade golf putters offer exceptional skid resistance and get the ball rolling as quick as anything else on the market. 

We have the full range of TaylorMade golf putters at Scottsdale golf, so if you are looking for that missing piece that will take your game to the next level, you may well find it here. Call 0161 969 4644 or email pro@scottsdalegolf.co.uk and for further advice on any of our superb range of golf putters. 

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