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Golf Club Grips

Discount golf club grips for sale, we stock the latest golf grips from the leading golf brands. Shop online for midsize and jumbo golf grips at the lowest UK prices.

A golfer has one point of contact with the golf club, the grip, and so it is essential that golf grips are in good condition and suited to your hand size and swing characteristics. 

You may be thinking that all golf grips are basically the same thing but nothing

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could be further from the truth. There are so many different styles, materials, thicknesses and construction type that it really can have a detrimental effect on your game if the grip on your clubs is poorly suited.  

Grip size is hugely important. Having a grip that is too thin can make it difficult to grip the club correctly in the fingers and can encourage a weak grip and too much club rotation. Having a grip that is too thick is less harmful but can change the swing weight of the club and can lead to shots left out to the right (for a right-hander)  

There are many different sizes of golf grip available. There are undersized or ladies golf grips, standard golf grips, midsize golf grips and jumbo golf grips with each jump in size equating to around 4 layers of grip tape. Aa a rough guide anyone with a golf glove size of medium-large or bigger should be looking at a midsize grip or bigger.  

If the grips currently on your clubs are getting worn and feel shiny, then you really need to replace them. Worn grips seriously affect the amount of friction and control of the golf club is compromised.  

Many golf grips on the market are completely round these days to allow for rotation of the shaft when adjusting drivers but there are still grips available with reminders in them. A reminder is a ridge that goes down the back of the grip which helps you place your fingers correctly on the golf club. The Golf Pride Align grip is a good example of this. Selection of a round or reminder grip is more down to personal preference, one is not better than the other.  

The Golf Pride Mcc+4 grip is a new style of grip that removes the taper. This means the grip with be the same thickness under both hands rather than the left hand being thicker. This is a style very popular with tour players. 

At Scottsdale Golf we have a superb range of golf grips with a comprehensive selection of Golf Pride golf grips who are industry leaders. Whatever your requirements we will have the golf grip for you.  

If you need any further explanations on any of the golf grips we offer, please call us on 0161 969 4644 or email us at


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