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Golf Hand Warmers

As the winter months approach and the temperature begins to fall, a whole new set of challenges befall the hardier golfers that choose to play this fantastic sport all year round. Golf courses become wetter with poorer ground conditions making it more difficult to hit crisp clean iron shots, the ball doesn’t travel as far and the courses can play a lot longer as a result. Greens tend to become less smooth so putts can miss

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simply because of imperfections on the surface due to lack of growth. It can all get a little frustrating but there is nothing that can be done about this, it’s just the way it is and in golf, as with most sports, the important thing to focus on is controlling the controllable. 

One thing you absolutely can control in winter golf is your body temperature. With massive advancements in clothing technology, layering systems can be utilised to ensure the body stays warm enough to function efficiently without being too restricted to swing properly. Golf base layers, mid-layers and outer layers have provided a superb solution to this age-old problem. Winter hats have become far better than they used to be and do a fine job of keeping heads warm as the wind whistles down the fairways. 

One of the hardest things to keep warm nowadays, especially on frosty mornings with biting winds is the hands. As the only point of contact with the club, it is essential that the hands are kept as warm as possible so that no feel is lost and they can continue to control the golf club properly. Winter mitts are an excellent choice and really help as you walk from shot to shot but sometimes the hands can become so cold so quickly, that there isn’t enough time in between shots to warm them back up properly. This is where the golf hand warmer comes in.  

The golf hand warmer can be a game-changer on the coldest days. By simply rubbing them together before your round of golf they are quickly activated and they begin to heat up. After a few minutes, they start to emit a decent level of warmth. When they are placed in your pockets or better still, in your winter mitts, your hands will begin to warm up at a much faster rate allowing you to attack the next shot with full feeling in your fingers. They will easily last for a full round of golf ensuring that is another controllable sorted out leaving you to concentrate on shooting a great score. 

Scottsdale Golf has an excellent range of winter golf clothing and a full range of golf hand warmers. Do yourself a favour this winter and look after your hands, they may thank you with some lower scores. 


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