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Practice Putting Aids & Mats

Most golfers are only too aware of how important it is to putt well. Many a great ball-striking round has been turned into a below-average score by some fairly shoddy putting. Conversely many rounds where good shots have been few and far between have been saved by a putter than just can’t miss. 

Putting is one of the areas of golf where there is absolutely no reason why amateur golfers can’t be as good as the very

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players in the world. It isn’t about speed or physical strength, it is about a repeatable technique, that has been made technically sound through lots of quality practice. It is also one of the easiest areas of the game to work on. No time-consuming trips to the putting green at your club are needed and no picking up hundreds of balls when you’ve finished.  

There is now a superb range of putting mats and practice putting training aids available to help you improve your stroke, and get you on your way to lower scores.  

Putting mats have improved beyond all recognition and are now produced in a myriad of different styles, lengths, surfaces and adjustability. Whatever size of space you have at home, there is a putting mat that will fit it. It doesn’t matter whether they are placed on carpets on hard floors as the surfaces are fairly firm and won’t be affected by what is underneath. Some putting mats now have helpful visual aids on them to help you align properly time after time.  

There are even adjustable putting mats now where you can change the slope of the green. Most right-handed players fair worse on left to right putts, having an adjustable putting mat gives the chance to practice this weakness over and over until it becomes a strength.  

Practice putting aids are now an essential part of becoming a good putter. Many of them have been designed by the best-putting coaches in the world and can be seen in use by tour players at every tour event. Practice putting gates, in particular, are a superb addition to your practice kit and really give you the confidence of being able to start putts on the line that you choose.  

There are different styles of putting cups that are used with the practice putting mat and do a superb job of replicating an actual hole on the green. Hit the putt at the wrong pace and it won’t go in, just like on the course.  

Here at Scottsdale Golf, we are committed to helping golfers everywhere improve their putting and their scores and so we have a comprehensive range of practice putting mats and practice putting aids. Call us on 0161 969 4644 or email should you need any advice on the best products for your game.


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