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Golf Putter Grips

Golf putter grips have evolved at an amazingly fast pace in the last fifteen years or so. There used to be barely any difference between brands and models save for a slightly different feel and look. Nowadays the different styles of golf putter grips on offer are enormous, with each grip having the potential to compete change the way your putter performs.  

Years back when green speeds were slower, putting strokes used to use

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more hand action than is required on the smoother surfaces of today. The putter grip of old was designed with this in mind are were mainly a ‘pistol’ shape with quite a thin overall feel. The putting stroke has evolved to be more effective on fast greens and now hand action during the stroke is extensively discouraged.  

The introduction of the much fatter golf grips was brought in with this in mind as the extra thickness really helps to take hand action out of the stroke. They are now extremely popular at all levels of golf and many different thicknesses are now available.  

There are also many more accepted ways to putt these days with many stigmas attached to holding the club differently being removed as tour players try weird and wonderful holds on the club in an attempt to hole more putts. One of the more popular alternative methods is the claw grip. Holding the club in your right hand like a pencil, it has helped thousands of golfers become better putters. There are now golf putter grips made specifically for this style of putting which improves this technique even further. 

Counterbalanced putter grips are now also extremely popular and again come in many different styles. With a heavyweight strategically placed within the grip, it drastically alters the way the putter works and really helps golfers keep their hands moving smoothly through the stroke.  

As with normal golf grips, there is no right or wrong with golf putter grips, only what feels good and performs well for your game.  

Scottsdale Golf is committed to helping you putt your best, and as such we have a superb range of golf putter grips including a huge collection of SuperStroke Putter Grips and Golf Pride Putter Grips for you to choose from.  

If you need any more advice on selecting the best putter grip for your game you can contact us on 0161 969 4644 or email and one of our professional team would be happy to assist you.


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