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Despite being amongst one of the most rudimentary accessories in your golf bag, you won’t get very far in a game of golf without having the correct golf tees. The ideal tee for the job is often subject to change, depending on where you're playing and the time of the year you're playing in,  Select from our fantastic selection of golf tees - available in a wide range of sizes and colours as well wooden tees, graduated plastic tees and

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rubber tees. Rubber golf tees are ideal for driving range mats and winter play and allow you to tee off even if the terrain is challenging. Whilst, Castle tees ensure you are striking the ball at a regular height each and every time, and booster golf tees decrease the friction on the ball, assisting you to strike further down the fairway. You'll also discover bumper tee bags, which are well suited for frequent visitors to the golf course. And with multibuy options, you are able to stock up on your golf tees for summer of great golf. Tee off in confidence when out for an easygoing game of golf. 

The golf tee is one of the more inexpensive purchases to be made in the world of golf but that point is not to diminish its importance. On every hole, the first shot you take is played off a tee peg and so having the right size of golf tee for the differing shots required is actually a crucial part of playing your best golf. If you are new to the game then the sheer amount of different golf tees available to buy can be a little overwhelming so here is a quick guide to help you decide which ones to go for. 

Wooden Tees 

Wooden golf tees are the most popular kind of golf tee available. They come in quite a few different sizes allowing you to choose the appropriate one for the shot you are playing. Many companies will have a little coloured band around the base of each wooden tee, which can be used as a guide for how far into the ground that particular tee should be pushed in. 

Available sizes and their uses are as follows: - 

  • 1 1/2"  -  Used exclusively with iron clubs these are the shortest wooden tees. 
  • 2 1/8”  -  Often used with irons but also good for use with golf hybrids and golf fairway woods 
  • 2 3/4”  -  This size of tee is the most common tee used with drivers as it allows half the ball to be above the clubface. 
  • 3 1/4”  -  Perfect for golfers who like to tee their ball up high and go after it for added distance.  
  • 4”         -  This length of tee is only really used by Long Drive Specialists who hit up at the ball a significant amount. 

Wooden tees will break on occasion so keep your eyes peeled for some great value bumper packs which can save you money in the long term. Tees of this style are now also available in Bamboo. The Bamboo golf tee has been something of a revelation as they don’t break anywhere near as often and they are extremely environmentally friendly. 

Castle Tees

Another popular style of tee, especially amongst beginners, is the castle or graduated tee. These tees are actually designed to have a maximum amount they can be pushed in which ensures a consistent height every time you tee the ball up. They are colour coded to make their selection easier. From Shortest to Longest the colour code is as follows: - 

  • Dark Orange (irons)
  • Red (Irons or Hybrids)
  • Blue (Hybrids or Fairway woods)
  • Yellow (Fairway Woods)
  • White (Fairway Woods or Driver)
  • Pink (Driver)
  • Orange or Grey (High teed Driver) 

The pink tee is by far the most popular for drivers and equates to the 2 ¾" tee peg in the wooden tees. 

Other tees available include winter tees, which are ideal in the winter months when mats are in use on tee beds. There are booster tee pegs which offer reduced friction at impact and can offer slight increases in distance. 

Keep your eyes peeled for multi-buy discounts on golf tee pegs as we often have excellent offers on that can save you money. Whatever size or style of golf tee peg you are looking for you can find it with us at Scottsdale Golf.


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