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Discount golf towels for sale, we stock the latest tri-fold golf towels from the top brand names in golf. Shop online for golf cart towels at the lowest UK prices.

Golf clubs are a reasonably expensive purchase in today’s world and therefore our equipment should be looked after to keep it looking in tip-top shape. During a round of golf, your golf clubs are making contact with the ground on numerous occasions (maybe too many

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times!) and so naturally will get dirty. Apart from a purely aesthetic standpoint, there are some important reasons for cleaning your clubs after every shot.  

Golf clubs are designed with grooves on for a reason, to impart spin on the golf ball to allow it to perform as it should. When a golf club makes contact with the ground the grooves quickly fill up with dirt and the face, in general, will soon have a layer of earth on it if not kept in check. This can severely impact the performance of the club on its next shot and can result in ‘flyers’, where the ball travels much further than it was supposed to.

On-chip and pitch shots the element of control needed can be lost if the heads on your wedges are not kept clean, instead of getting some nice check, the ball will continue to roll far past the flag.  

The golf towel then is an essential purchase for all golfers as when coupled with a handy club cleaning brush the task of keeping your pride and joy clean becomes a much simpler process. Golf towels are available in many different shapes and sizes, so one can be found that is ideally suited to your particular requirements. Most golf towels nowadays are made from microfibre which has proven to be the best material for cleaning clubs. Excellent at both removing surface dirt and ridding the clubface of excess water, they are ideally suited for the task at hand. 

The selection of a golf towel should be a fairly humdrum affair but alas we golfers are a strange breed and so the purchase of a golf towel can depend on several other factors. Many golfers are brand loyal and so the golf towel often needs to match with the club manufacturer their clubs or bag are made by. Fortunately, Scottsdale Golf is here to help with such a purchase and we offer a wide range of golf towels from all the leading brands. Choose from a selection including Titleist Golf Towels, J Lindeberg golf towels, Powakaddy golf towels, TaylorMade golf towels and Ecco golf towels

Should you require any further information on any of our superb collection of golf accessories, please do not hesitate to call one of our helpful team on 0161 969 4644 or email  


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