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Golf Umbrellas

Nothing beats a round of golf with friends, on a beautiful course with the sun beating down and your game in good shape. Sadly, every round of golf you play isn't like that, and more often than you would like the rain starts to fall. It doesn’t ruin the game but it certainly takes a little of the shine away. There are things you can have in your equipment to help make it as pleasurable an experience as possible though

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. Waterproofs should definitely be on the list, as should a pair of rain gloves and the one thing a golfer should never leave the locker room without. The double canopy golf umbrella. The golf umbrella that doesn’t particularly need a lot of thought, pick a brand that you like, within your budget with colours that you like. The one thing that you need to make sure of though is that you purchase a double canopy golf umbrella. Unfortunately, in Northern Europe when the rain falls it is usually fairly windy, and with golf courses often being exposed to the elements a standard umbrella just doesn’t cut the mustard. After particularly inclement conditions, golf course bins suddenly become golf umbrella graveyards as the single canopy umbrellas fail to withstand the onslaught from mother nature. Golfers who have invested in a double canopy umbrella can be seen walking down the fairway with smug smiles as their game continues with relatively dry equipment. The double canopy allows the wind to flow through allowing the umbrella to withstand some horrendous conditions. Obviously, with the quality and size of umbrellas like this, they are also extremely useful in none golf settings, easily fitting children under them with on rainy day school runs. Scottsdale Golf has an excellent selection of golf umbrellas. We currently have in stock, Clicgear double canopy golf umbrellas, Titleist double canopy golf umbrellas, PING double canopy golf umbrellas, J Lindeberg double canopy golf umbrellas, PXG double canopy golf umbrellasTaylormade double canopy golf umbrellas and Galvin Green double canopy golf umbrellas along with many more. Should you have any further enquiries about any of our wet weather golf products, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 969 4644 or email


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