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Choosing the correct golf ball to use can be a tricky business for established players, so if you are new to the game the sheer amount of choice on offer can be more than a little daunting. With different brands, colours and levels of firmness and spin it is paramount that you pick a ball that is suitable for your level of play.  


Which golf ball should I use?  

This is quite rightly an often-asked question, so let us try and clear the

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waters for you to make an informed choice.  

If you are a fairly new player to golf then it is usual for your golf ball to not always travel in the direction you intended it to, meaning that losing more than a few golf balls in long grass and water is inevitable. At this stage in your golfing life distance golf balls are perhaps going to be the best option. Not only do they represent better value for your money, they also are designed to travel the furthest and spin the least. Whilst they will generally feel a little harder off the clubface than more expensive golf balls, the lower spin will actually aid you in keeping the ball flying straight. Excellent options are Titleist Velocity golf balls, Srixon distance golf balls and TaylorMade RBZ Soft golf balls. 

As your game progresses you may want a golf ball that offers a little more feel and control on shots on and around the green. The mid-range balls such as the Srixon AD333 or Srixon Soft Feel, Titleist Tru feel or Titleist Tour soft and TaylorMade Soft Response or TaylorMade Tour Response and Callaway Supersoft Triple track golf balls are perfect for this. Ideally suited for mid to high handicaps they will help take you game to the next level.  These golf balls are also fine for beginner players but will cost a little more than the distance balls. 

An important point to make here is that the more expensive golf balls are not necessarily a better choice for your game. Premium golf balls are the balls that tend to spin the most and more spin means more curve on your shots. These kinds of balls, which include the famous Titleist Prov1 golf balls, are an ideal choice for the better player as they are looking for more control around the greens and will intentionally try to curve the ball through the air. They also suit players with faster swing speeds as they have higher compression and require to be hit with more speed to perform as they should. Other superb golf balls in this class are the TaylorMade TP5 golf balls, Srixon Z star golf balls and Callaway Chromesoft golf balls. 

Golf balls specifically made for ladies are also available. They will have lower compressions which allows them to go further off slower swings speeds. These golf balls are suitable for any golfer that has a slow swing speed and often come in a myriad of different colours. If you are a lady golfer that generates quite a bit of clubhead speed, then you would be better off using something other than a lady's golf ball. 

Scottsdale Golf have a huge range of golf balls available from all the leading manufacturers. Offering discount golf ball prices, you can be sure to find the perfect golf ball for your game on our website or in our stores. You can also select from our personalised golf ball range, perfect for presents or as a unique identifier for your own ball. Call us on 0161 969 4644 or email should you require any further information on any of our golf ball products. 






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