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Golf Sweaters

We stock the latest golf jumpers from the leading brand names in golf. Shop online for golf sweaters at the lowest UK prices.

There have been some famous golf sweaters through the years, perhaps none more so than the one Nick Faldo wore on the final day of his first Open Championship victory in 1987. Bright Yellow with an uneven diamond pattern adorning the front, it was the stuff of nightmares for many. 

Golf fashion seemed to

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be stuck in a time warp for a considerable amount of time and then, in the early 2000’s it slowly started to turn the corner and head towards something more contemporary. The lambswool golf sweater which had plagued golfers for decades finally started to be replaced by more functional and stylish options. Sports clothing technology had really started to advance and golf finally started to receive sweaters that were actually pleasant to wear. 

The golf sweater of today is a completely different animal, with top fashion brands moving into golf, there are some excellent sweaters available that look great both on and off the golf course. With a multitude of different materials now being used, they have become far more suited for their purpose. Range of motion needs to unaffected by additional layers of clothing in order to play good golf and the modern golf sweaters achieve that superbly. Most are made with a form of stretch fabric allowing you to make uninhibited golf swings whilst keeping warm. 

Classical style golf sweaters are still available but these have also improved beyond recognition. If wool is used it tends to be the much finer Merino wool which is both light and airy. Layering has become the most popular way of staying warm on the course though and the golf sweater now usually represents a mid-layer. Building thin layers up from a base layer through to an outer layer is universally accepted as the most effective way for a golfer to keep the cold out. 

Scottsdale Golf carries a fantastic selection of golf sweaters and mid-layers from all your favourite brands. These include Adidas golf sweaters, J Lindeberg golf sweaters, Boss Golf Sweaters, FootJoy Golf sweaters, Galvin Green golf sweaters, Oscar Jacobsen golf sweaters, Kjus golf sweatersPuma golf sweaters and Under Armour golf sweaters

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