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Golf is a challenging game. Played with a stationary ball, there is plenty of time for weird and wonderful thoughts to enter your mind as you stand over it, ready to swing. There are also so many different variables to contend with. Each shot has an entirely different lie than the last. Course conditions vary from day to day, and each green has its own unique set of slopes. 

Then there is the weather. Is there another

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sport that gets affected so much by the weather as golf? If you are one of the hardy souls that plays golf come rain or shine, then you will have faced some pretty inclement conditions out on the links.

To have a chance of playing anything like your best when the rain is tipping down, it's essential that you own some decent golf waterproofs, as playing golf when you're soaked to the skin is nigh on impossible. Historically waterproof suits were cumbersome affairs made from thick material. They had a significant impact on your ability to swing the golf club properly.

Golf waterproofs are made to such a high standard nowadays that playing in the rain can be quite an enjoyable experience. They are now so light that freedom of movement is hardly affected, and you can keep swinging like you would in the dry. Breathability is also excellent in today's modern waterproofs, ensuring that you don't get wet from the inside. 

The standards of the waterproof coatings and membranes are now so good that the water will bead off on a quality waterproof golf suit. They usually carry a waterproof guarantee of a minimum of three years, with the more premium offerings now offer a lifetime guarantee. The designs have also become incredibly stylish, allowing today's golf waterproofs to be worn in many different settings and not just on the golf course.

If you are a golfer that relishes the challenge of battling the elements, then Scottsdale Golf has got you covered. We stock Galvin Green golf waterproofs, Mizuno golf waterproofs, Kjus golf waterproofs, J Lindeberg golf waterproofs, Adidas golf waterproofs, and Under Armor golf waterproofs. Whether you are after a full waterproof suit or just a pair of waterproof golf trousers or waterproof golf jackets, we will have the perfect item for you. Please also check out our selection of waterproof rain gloves.


If you need any further information on any of our golf waterproofs, then please call 0161 969 4644 and speak to one of our team. Alternatively, you can email us at


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