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Windproof Golf Clothing

Golf is a difficult game, everybody that plays it would all agree on that point. It can be made even more difficult when the weather decides to misbehave and a cold wind sweeps across the course. A cold body does not work as effectively as one that is warm, joints stiffen up as the body tries desperately to retain heat. This can seriously affect our ability to move properly and once this happens, the speed of our golf

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swing drops and we don’t hit the ball as far as we were doing. 

Golf Windcheaters have been around for a long time but it is only recently that they actually became effective at doing their job. Technological advancements in clothing manufacture have now allowed windproof jackets to be made much thinner than they were. Their bulky predecessors were almost as bad as not wearing one at all as although you would feel slightly warmer, the thickness of them would prevent you from moving properly anyway. 

The golf windproof jackets of today tend to be part of a layering system whereby thin layers of technical clothing are built up to whatever level is required on the day. They are effective when simply worn over a polo shirt but some of the harshest days demand more heat retention than that. In these instances, the windproof jacket would be worn over a golf mid-layer and a golf base layer providing the wearer with astonishing levels of warmth, whilst maintaining a superb range of motion. 

Golf windproof jackets have also become extremely stylish and can be worn in a variety of different settings. As useful for wearing when out walking or shopping as there they are on course, their multi-purpose design is of huge benefit. Golf windproof gilets have also become very popular with the bodywarmer style attractive to those that like to keep their arms as free as possible whilst paying 

If you are looking for a new golf windproof jacket then please have a browse around our website where you will find superb offerings including, Adidas windproof golf clothing, J Lindeberg windproof golf clothing, Galvin Green windproof golf clothing, Oscar Jacobsen windproof golf clothingUnder Armour windproof golf clothing and Kjus windproof golf clothing

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