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Golf Chippers

The short game is a crucially important part of golf, poor performance in this area of the game can seriously impact the score written on your card at the end of a round. Players that are proficient in this area can often save rounds whereby they haven't played the best, but they constantly manage to get up and down having missed the green with their approach. Walking to the next tee after salvaging a par feels just as good as

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making a birdie and is a vital part of keeping the momentum going. 

In Northern Europe, and especially the UK, golfers are often faced with difficult ground conditions which make chipping and pitching much more difficult. When the turf is wet it is all too easy to stub the golf club into the ground and watch in horror as your golf ball only travels a few feet in front of you, the situation is then worsened by the realisation you face the same shot again. If this sounds like a scenario you face a few too many times then be assured that you are not on your own. 

One of the best solutions for chipping issues of this nature is undoubtedly the golf chipper. The golf chipper is essentially a putter style looking club but instead of the three of four degrees of loft found on a putter, it has around thirty-seven degrees of loft which equates to an eight iron. A golf chipper has a much wider sole than a traditional wedge or eight-iron and the wide sole prevents the club from digging into the ground. The chipper will instead, glide through the grass and ensures a clean contact on the golf ball. The result is usually then a putt rather than another chip! 

The technique used for a golf chipper is more akin to a putting stroke than a chipping action. Most players that used one have found more success when employing the same style of grip, they use on their putting stroke. Using very little wrist hinge the club is simply brought straight back like a putter and then the loft and wide sole does its job and the ball gets nice loft just after impact allowing you to clear any rough terrain before the green. You can expect to see the ball roll out like a putt rather than spin once it has hit the green so be sure to account for slopes on the green that might take your ball away from the hole. 

Here at Scottsdale Golf, we try to cover every base in our efforts to make you the best golfer you can be. We have an excellent range of golf chippers available to choose from including the Master's Golf Chipper. Should you require any further advice on any of our golf chippers then you can email one of our professionals at or call 0161 969 4644 and they would be only too happy to help you. If you struggle around the greens then purchasing a golf chipper could completely change your golfing life.


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