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Golf Drivers

Acquiring the right driver is critical to ensure that you are playing golf at the best of your potential. Using a driver that doesn’t fit you, your style or even your posture can negatively impact your performance. Finding a club that agrees best with you means finding one with the appropriate loft angle, flex, and centre of gravity, all of which affects your ball control and speed. With our team of fitting experts, we can help you ensure you will find the best fit for your game. Scottsdale Golf has a wide range of golf drivers that you can buy, with numerous brands such as Callaway, Cobra, PING, PXG and TaylorMade. We offer the very best golf drivers for everyone. You will also find the latest golf drivers boasting the finest designs and the latest technological advantages to help boost your game. Looking to upgrade your golf clubs set? No need to look further! At Scottsdale Golf, you can expect a wide array of golf clubs for every level of golf enthusiast, to suit every play style. Shop at Scottsdale Golf and perform your best today!

The golf driver is one of the most important clubs a golfer can have in their bag. It is the club a golfer will usually tee off with on par 4’s and par 5’s and its purpose is to get the ball as far down the hole as possible. It is, therefore, essential, to choose a golf driver that suits your game and ability.

There are many things to consider when choosing a driver such as loft, shaft flex, and weight positioning on the clubhead itself. Using an ill-fitting driver can turn what should be a fearsome rocket launcher into a huge source of frustration.

  • Loft - The loft is the angle of the face that determines how high a ball will launch. The loft of a driver will usually range between 8 degrees and 13.5 degrees and as a basic rule of thumb the higher the loft of the driver, the higher trajectory the ball will fly on. With today’s technology, it is possible, on most drivers, to adjust the loft making it much easier to set your driver up perfectly.
  • Shaft Flex - The flex of the shaft is essentially how much the shaft bends in the golf swing. Choosing the right shaft flex on your golf driver is crucial to producing the correct ball flight. The basic flex’s offered are; Ladies, Senior or Light, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff. As a general rule here, the slower your swing speed is the more flex you need in the shaft to produce the best results.
  • Weight Positioning - Golf drivers will often come with moveable weights on the clubhead itself. For golfers looking to cure a slice (left to right curve) the weights can be moved more into the heel of the club. Conversely, if it is a hook that plagues you (right to left curve) then the weights can be moved more towards the toe.
  • Centre Of Gravity - The positioning of the centre of gravity on a golf driver can dramatically affect ball flight. A lower and further forward centre of gravity will produce lower spinning drives and would be suitable for the golfer who is hitting the ball too high, with a ball flight that appears to float rather than penetrate. It is generally a less forgiving club. The further back the centre of gravity is the higher the ball will spin. This can be used by the golfer whose golf ball never properly gets airborne and appears to fall out of the sky before it should. This also makes the club more forgiving.

At Scottsdale Golf we have a team of dedicated fitting experts that can tailor all these options to best suit your swing and help you hit longer straighter drives. We have all the latest golf drivers from the leading brands such as; Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra, Ping and PXG. So whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced low handicap player, trust Scottsdale Golf to find the perfect driver for you so you can start hitting longer, straighter drives.

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