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Golf Driving Irons

A driving iron is a long iron that is specifically made for tee shots. Whilst you can hit them through the fairway, they're meant to provide an alternative option to hybrids, 5 wood, and long irons from the tee. Driving irons aren't for everybody as you generally need a larger degree of swing speed to benefit from them.

As well as this, driving irons are frequently considered to be more accurate and much better wind

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performers than hybrids and fairway woods.

Driving irons have made something of a resurgence in the past few years as new technology has made them far more comfortable to hit and, therefore, more accessible to the average golfer. Tiger Woods style stingers used to be an impossible dream for the majority of golfers with the old style 2 irons. The onset of the technology packed driving iron has given us all hope of producing shots that at least bear a vague resemblance to the majestic low bullets Tiger used to hit.

Used more exclusively as a teeing off club than an equivalent hybrid they can produce wonderful low, wind-cheating tee shots that you can send far down even the narrowest of fairways. The centre of gravity is much closer to the face on driving irons, so shots are usually low spinning. The lower the spin, the less a ball will curve so they can be an extremely accurate weapon in your bag.

They are not, however, an ideal fit for the slower swingers amongst us as due to the low spin, they do need to be hit with a certain amount of speed to get the best results. They can be used effectively off the fairway but are much more difficult to hit out of bad lies than their hybrid cousins.

Driving irons are usually fitted with graphite shafts as the slightly longer shaft can be too heavy with a steel shaft installed. There are a few variations on head styles and as a general rule of thumb, the larger the head, the more forgiving and high launching the club will be.

If you are a pretty solid ball striker, then a driving iron can be a superb choice for your safety club for teeing off with. If that doesn’t sound like you, then a hybrid could be a better alternative as although driving irons are much easier to use than they used to be, they still require a decent contact to get a good result. Check out our range of hybrids here.

We have an extensive range of driving irons available here at Scottsdale Golf from brands such as Cobra, Miura, PING, PXG, TaylorMade and Titleist.

Call us on 0161 969 4644 or email pro@scottsdalegolf.co.uk for further advice or to book a custom fitting session with one of our master fitters to help you choose the perfect driving iron for your game.

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