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Golf Fairway Clubs

Fairway woods are the ideal club for achieving long-distance drives. They realise awesome results on the fairway, as well as playing effectively from the tee. The smaller head size when compared with drivers means the shot accuracy is a little more skill-based, nevertheless, the shape of fairway woods typically resemble a driver and they tend to provide a lot more loft for a swifter golf ball lift-off. At Scottsdale Golf we

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supply a wide variety of Fairway Woods from leading brand names such as Cleveland Golf, Mizuno, PING, Yonex and more, so there’s a little something to suit anybody's tastes. Fairway woods range between a 3+ Fairway Wood with a loft much like that of a high launch driver, right through to a fifteen wood. However, not many producers create anything greater seven wood. Three and five woods are the most commonly encountered golf fairway woods available and are the most efficient.

Fairway woods are used in several different situations throughout a round of golf and are a must-have in your bag. 

Often a hole will require you to hit a tee shot that doesn’t need to travel as far as your driver due to a dogleg or a hazard that crosses the fairway. In these instances, you can drop down to one of your fairway woods such as a three, five, or even a seven wood. These clubs will have a smaller head, shorter shaft and more loft than your driver and won’t fly as far as a result. 

They are also a solid choice when a particular tee shot is fraught with danger, and you need an accurate shot to get the ball in play. 

Fairway woods are also used for your long second shots to par 4’s or par 5’s. Today’s fairway woods are packed with technology and are usually relatively shallow faced, which allows you to get the ball airborne easily from even the tightest of lies. When using a fairway wood from the tee, ensure you use a much lower tee than you would with a driver as teeing up the ball too high will usually result in a skied shot.

Lofts of fairway woods start at around thirteen degrees (3+ wood) and go all the way up to twenty-one degrees (7 wood). Often the clubhead will be adjustable, allowing you to alter the loft up or down and change the curve and trajectory of your shot.

Here at Scottsdale Golf, we offer a comprehensive range of men's and lady’s fairway woods, from all the leading brands such as Cleveland Golf, Mizuno, TaylorMade, PXG and PING in both right and left-handed. Call 0161 969 4644 for further advice or to schedule a custom fitting session with one of our master fitters and get the perfect fairway wood(s) for your game.


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