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Golf Hybrid Clubs / Rescue Clubs

Golf hybrid clubs can best be described as a cross between a golf iron and a golf fairway wood and are designed to be used instead of those harder to hit long irons. They are undoubtedly the most forgiving club you can have in your bag and can produce great results even from fairly poor lies. They are a highly versatile club and can be used for tee shots on long par 3’s, lay-up tee shots on shorter par 4’s and

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approach shots to par 4’s and 5’s and even for little chip and run shots around the greens. 

A long iron requires a reasonably precise strike to get even a half-decent result whilst a hybrid club is nowhere near as demanding. A golf hybrid’s shallow face and a centre of gravity that is low, and further back from the face combine to create a club that is incredibly easy for you to get airborne. 

Golf hybrids are numbered the same as the iron they are intended to replace and are available from a (2) hybrid at around seventeen degrees of loft all the way through to a (7) hybrid around thirty-two degrees of loft. Depending on the model, the loft can often be adjusted in the same way a golf driver or golf fairway wood can. 

They are available in various head shapes and sizes. Some will more closely resemble a long iron which is aimed more at the better players. Others will have a much larger profile, almost starting to look like a fairway wood and are more aimed at the mid to high handicappers. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, as all of them are easy to use. 

We have a full range of golf hybrids available from all the leading manufacturers including PING golf hybrids, Titleist golf hybrids, TaylorMade golf hybrids, Callaway golf hybrids and Cobra golf hybrids

If you don’t already have a golf hybrid in your golf bag then you’re missing a trick. Call Scottsdale Golf on 0161 969 4644 or email pro@scottsdalegolf.co.uk today for further advice or to book a fitting with one of our master fitters. We can help you choose the perfect hybrid(s) for your game.

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