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Golf Irons - Graphite

Having a poorly suited set of golf irons can seriously affect your ability to get to the most out of your game. Irons are used for most of the approaches to the green you will play in a round of golf, and can be responsible for setting up birdie chances or making your next shot an impossible recovery pitch out of long rough.

A golf iron set usually runs from four iron through to pitching wedge or five iron through to sand

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wedge and consists of seven or eight irons in total. Each iron is designed with a different length shaft and loft than the others, which allows you to have a club perfect for many different yardages. You will generally see a ten to twelve-yard difference between each club with the lower numbers going the furthest and the higher numbers the shortest.

There are many distinct designs of iron sets with different style heads aimed at varying levels of golfer. The larger the head is, the easier that iron will be to hit. Most tour professionals will use either forged blades or cavity blades, which have the smallest head. This style of club offers the greatest feel and control but will also be the hardest to use. Off-centre hits will be punished by a poor result.

Most average players will use a club with a midsize or oversized head. These are referred to as game improvement irons and offer much more margin for error. These clubs are designed to be high launching, but low spinning. This combination produces incredible distance while maintaining the ability to stop the ball on the green.

Irons can be bought with either steel or graphite shafts. Graphite shafts used to only be used by junior, senior or lady golfers who needed exceptionally light shafts to help increase clubhead speeds. That has started to change a little now as graphite shafts in irons have improved beyond recognition and can now offer the same accuracy as steel. The weight distribution is much better in modern graphite shafts and feels more blended through the club than before. 

Graphite shafts also have the added benefit of absorbing more vibrations from the impact, which can be beneficial for those suffering from joint pain.

At Scottsdale Golf, we have an extensive range of graphite shafted golf iron sets from all the leading brands. Whether you are just beginning your golfing journey, or you are an experienced single figure golfer, we can help you find the perfect set for your game. 

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