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Golf Putters

Putters are one of the most important clubs in your bag, since you may well be finishing holes with your putter more often than not. For this reason, it is important to get yourself a putter that you are both comfortable and confident with.

Putting is often referred to as “a game within a game” and for a good reason. Many good ball-striking rounds have been ruined by an inability to get the ball in the hole, and many awful rounds

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have been saved by a golfer that can’t miss.

Although it is important to choose a golf putter you like the look of, there are a few other fitting aspects to look for when making this decision. Choosing a putter that’s suits your putting stroke is a vital part of holing more putts.

An often-overlooked part of choosing a golf putter is the amount of toe hang it has. If you balance a putter horizontally on two fingers, the club face will reveal how much toe hang it has. 

  • Face Balanced - The face of the putter will face the sky.
  • Slight toe hang - The face of the putter will tilt slightly to the ground.
  • Full toe hang - The face of the putter will point almost at the ground.

Face balanced putters are, more often than not, a mallet-style putter. This style of putter is more for a putting stroke that is straight back and straight through, with little to no arc. They are usually more resistant to twisting on off-centre hits and will try to stop the face of your putter opening or closing in the stroke. They will have more alignment aids on them and so can be easier to line up correctly.

Slight toe hang putters are perfect for your stroke if you have a slight arc. These putters can be both blade and mallet style and will encourage a slight rotation of the face in your stroke.

Full toe hang putters are usually a blade style and suit putting strokes with quite a strong arc. The toe hang encourages the face to open on the backswing and close on the follow-through much like a garden gate.

There is no best stroke, only golf putters that match that stroke. Choosing a putter that is at odds with your stroke will make putting more complicated than it needs to be.

You should also consider the length of the putter. 34 inches is now the industry standard, but most putters are available in both shorter and longer lengths, which should be tailored to how tall you are.

When standing over an important putt, it's vital for you to feel confident before you make your stroke. Ensuring the head shape fits your eye and the head specifications fit your stroke is a huge part of acheiving the confidence you need. At Scottsdale Golf, we offer a huge selection of golf putters, including blade, mallet, 2-Ball putters, arm-lock, and all things in between - with designs from all the major manufacturers and putter designers, ensuring you'll be sure to find a putter that fits your game. Browse our expansive selection of putters to find the shape, size, and length that works best for you, and putt with confidence on the greens.

There are some wonderful putter designs on the market now to suit whichever style of stroke you have all of which are available at Scottsdale Golf. We offer putters from all of the best putter manufacturers including, Odyssey golf putters, PING putters, TaylorMade Golf putters, PXG putters, Bettinardi putters & Scotty Cameron putters

Should you require further information on golf putters, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 969 4644 or email


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