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Golf Wedges 

Even the best players in the world miss several greens in a round of golf, the average golfer misses a lot more. That’s a lot of occasions where your wedges are required to get you out of trouble and produce a momentum saving up and down. In order to be effective with your wedge game it is vital that you choose wedges that compliment your existing set make-up and your chipping and pitching style. 

Most golfers now carry four golf

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wedges in their bags. Here is a good example of how your lofts should run: -  

  • Pitching wedge  (45)                                                                             
  • Gap wedge         (50) 
  • Sand Wedge       (55) 
  • Lob Wedge         (60) 

Having four wedges allows for perfect gapping between clubs and reduces the number of half shots needed which are amongst the hardest shots to play.  

The other main aspect to consider is the amount of bounce each wedge will have. Each golf wedge you see will generally have two numbers on the sole. One will be the loft and the other is the amount of bounce on the wedge. It is most important on your sand wedge and lob wedge as they are primarily the clubs you will use for close range chips, pitches and bunker shots. The bounce in simple terms is the amount the sole of the club sits off the ground at address. The higher the bounce angle, the more the club will sit off the ground.  

Higher bounce clubs are perfect for you if you tend to dig on your pitch shots, if you generally play on wet ground or for use out of a bunker. The higher bounce will stop the club from digging into the turf or sand too much. 

Lower bounce golf wedges are better for firmer turf, tight lies and golfers whom like to pick the ball clean off the surface. The lower bounce options require a more precise strike and are more suited to golfers with a strong short game. 

If you are relatively new to the game a safe bet is to go for mid bounce options – usually around 10 degrees - as these will provide the most versatility to the club golfer. One thing to remember is that when you open the face on a sand wedge it actually increases the amount of bounce on the wedge. If you are a golfer that likes to open the face on a lot of wedge shots then maybe choose a slightly lower bounce. 

We have a fantastic range of golf wedges at Scottsdale Golf, from all the leading manufacturers including Cleveland golf Wedges, Honma golf Wedges, Titleist Vokey golf Wedges, TaylorMade golf Wedges, Callaway golf Wedges, PXG Wedges, Bettinardi Wedges, Mizuno Golf Wedges & Miura Golf Wedges 

Should you require any further advice on selecting the correct wedges, or to book a fitting with one of our master fitters please call us on 0161 969 4644 or email 


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