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Golf gloves are made to provide players with a more reassured and steady grip on their golf club, as well as helping them to perform better in a range of varying weather conditions. We're proud to stock a wide range of top quality golf gloves from leading brand names including Callaway, Cobra, FootJoy, Galvin Green, Honma, PING, PXG, Srixon, TaylorMade and Titleist. 

Golfers who play without wearing a golf glove on their top hand

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are few and far between. There have been a few notable exceptions however, Fred Couples was one who simply never wore one his entire golfing career. The reason most do though is simple, it assists with your grip, enabling to you keep more control of the club especially in hot or wet conditions. It also protects your hand against unwanted abrasions, not wearing one can often lead to some painful blisters and cracked skin. 

Some of you may wonder why the glove is predominately worn on the top hand, (the left hand for a right-handed player), and it is because that is where most of the friction occurs during the golf swing. The top hand is the controlling hand. 

There are many different styles of golf glove to choose from. There are all-weather golf gloves leather golf gloves and some that have all-weather backs and leather palms. The all-weather style of golf glove tends to be the thickest and are therefore the most durable. If you are a fairly new player than all-weather golf gloves are the best option.  

Leather gloves offer the most feel as they are significantly thinner than the all-weather ones. Favoured by pretty much all good players they will wear out quickly if you have a poor grip and excessive friction is created. The all-weather back and leather palm golf gloves are a lower cost leather option for golfers who are improving and want to make the switch to a leather golf glove 

There are also waterproof rain gloves which have been an absolute revelation for playing golf in the rain. The older golfers amongst you will surely remember the days when, in heavy rain, the golf club would completely slip out of your hand and fly down the fairway after the ball. Thankfully, the rain golf glove has made that scenario a thing of the past. As this glove gets wetter it actually grips the club better. These can be bought as either individually, or as a pair. It is recommended to wear these golf gloves as a pair though. 

A relatively new addition to the golf glove line is the thermal golf glove, ideal for those winter fourballs and cold winter range sessions they really do keep the cold out. Also worn as a pair. 

You will find there's a fantastic collection of golf gloves for men in addition to a wide range of golf gloves for women, that offer the very best performance built into their long-lasting designs. Manufactured from leather, synthetic and a host of other materials, these golf gloves will perform to the max. Match your gloves with our selection of golf grips and our large range of clothing & shoes to finish your perfect look. 

Scottsdale golf has a large selection of golf gloves for you to select from. With unmatched pricing, you can be sure of getting a great deal on golf gloves with us. Call 0161 969 4644 or email should you require any further advice on golf gloves. Buy Golf Gloves from Scottsdale Golf today.


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