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The introduction of the Laser RangeFinder has revolutionised the golfer’s experience, permitting players to precisely plan shots, pick out clubs and properly assault the golf course. Using an invisible ray of laser light shot at a specific target, these products help assess distances, threats and flag locations with precision and ease. The look, aim and fire methodology of a Laser RangeFinder makes it

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simple to work with and versatile enough to handle the assortment of situations you may come across on the course. Employing the most up-to-date in golfing technology will help you to decrease your scores and perhaps even your handicap! Bushnell pioneered the Golf Laser RangeFinder almost two decades ago and remains a key innovator within the industry, with renowned brand ambassadors such as Rickie Fowler and Lee Westwood. For more than a decade the Bushnell brand has been the number one Laser RangeFinder utilised on the PGA Tour. Their most recent product, the Bushnell Pro XE is the lengthiest, most precise and most reliable RangeFinder to date. At Scottsdale Golf, we stock a range of Golf RangeFinders to help make your time and effort on the course an even more enjoyable experience. From the most up-to-date Bushnell designs to outstanding Garmin options, you'll find the perfect gadget that will help start shaving strokes off your weekend scores.

GPS Watches

Over the past two decades, there have been many changes in golf, all of which have made the game significantly easier. The golf ball has improved beyond all recognition, now spinning less and travelling further, it has made golf courses play much shorter than in previous years. Technology in golf clubs has made massive leaps forward, affording the golfer far more margin for error and sending the ball much greater distances.

Another often overlooked advancement has been the introduction of GPS measuring devices. Not much more than ten years ago, a golfer used to have to locate a 150-yard marker on a hole and pace off back to their ball how far it was. It was a time consuming and highly inaccurate process. Sometimes there weren’t any markers on a course, and so a golfer had to ‘eyeball’ the distance, which was essentially a guess. Now and again, you would get the distance spot-on, but, more times than not, you found yourself grossly mis-clubbing.

One of the most popular GPS golf devices to hit the golf world has been the GPS golf watch. The earliest examples were fairly basic affairs and just gave the user distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. Each passing year brings with it a gamut of new GPS Golf watches all of which carry more features than the previous model. Still retaining the look of a large faced watch, they now excel in helping you plan out your round as every single bit of information you could require is now available on your wrist.

All penalty areas and bunkers are shown, with distances to reach and carry them. There is often a map of the hole you are playing and, with touch screen capabilities, you can drag the dot on the screen to tell you any distance – how far it is to the corner of a dogleg, for example. You can even move the pin on the map of the green so, whilst the front middle and back distances are still shown, you can become much more specific about the distance to the flag.

Many models of GPS golf watch now allow you to track your score, your statistics, and even distances you hit each club. This really does help you improve as a golfer as you begin to learn exactly how far you hit each club on average. As a result, you will find yourself mis-clubbing much less. Knowing how many greens and fairways you miss in a round of golf, how many times you get up and down and how many putts you take, all contribute to being able to work on your weaknesses more effectively. 

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and purchased a GPS golf watch, then you are giving other players a huge advantage. Scottsdale Golf offers a huge selection of watches from all of the industry leaders, carrying stock of Garmin GPS Golf watches, Bushnell GPS golf watches, Samsung GPS Golf WatchesShotscope GPS golf watches and Skycaddie GPS golf watches. Whatever budget you have, or functionality you require from the watch, Scottsdale Golf has the perfect GPS golf watch for you.

If you need any further advice then please call one of our knowledgeable team on 0161 969 4644 or email us at pro@scottdale and they would be delighted to help you.

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