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For anyone trying to take some weight off their shoulders during rounds, a Golf Trolley is a great solution to help preserve energy and lower strain. Found in two forms- pull trolleys are created with two wheels, whilst pushcarts have three wheels -  either is great for assisting you in manoeuvring the various landscapes and conditions that 18 holes can throw your way. New improvements in trolleys have led to micro-carts that can

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be folded right down to easily fit in just about any car boot, which makes them straightforward to transport and store. Our outstanding selection of Pull & Push Trolleys includes products from the top manufacturers, including Clicgear, Stewart Golf, Motocaddy and much more. Any golfer knows the tension and reduction of one's energy involving lugging a particularly hefty golf bag around the course. Professionals rely on their caddies to handle the heavy-lifting, enabling them to remain focused and prepared for the next shot. But this isn't always a choice for the rest of us. Electric trolleys are the ultimate remedy in ensuring you'll save vital energy while out on the course. Leaving you to focus on your game rather than the discomfort in your shoulder. In recent times the cost of motorised technology has considerably decreased, making electric trolleys an easily affordable luxury a growing number of golfers are making use of. At Scottsdale Golf, we stock a multitude of fully guaranteed electric trolleys, from top golf trolley manufacturers including Powakaddy, Stewart Golf and Motocaddy. Providing you with the very best options currently available on the market today.

Electric Golf Trolleys

The electric golf trolley was, for a long time, thought of as a golf product for the elderly to assist them in getting around the course. Times have changed, however, and now every demographic of golfer has come to see the benefits an electric golf trolley can have for you and your golf game. With electric golf trolleys, it can be difficult to know which brand or model to choose. The best way of choosing is by answering the following three questions: 

How small do I need the electric golf trolley to fold? 

This is a very important question to ask as generally the electric golf trolley will be going home with you after a round of golf. The main factor here is the amount of boot space you have available in your car. Certain electric trolleys now fold down extremely small and can fit into pretty tight spaces. If your boot is not the largest then you should look at the models that fold down the smallest. They are usually only slightly more expensive than the base models. 

Do I need GPS on my electric golf trolley? 

One of the biggest advancements in golf in the past decade or so has been the advent of GPS distance measuring devices. Using a GPS watch, handheld device or laser rangefinder means that selecting the correct club has become much easier. If you are a player that uses these devices a lot then a GPS electric golf trolley may be desirable. Usually the premium model in each of the manufacturer's electric golf trolley ranges, the GPS versions have large LCD displays which link into to your phone via Bluetooth. The distance to certain hazards and also the distance to the green shows up on the display for instant information. They are an excellent option but if you are happy enough just using your watch or laser then one of the less expensive models may be a better choice. 

Do I need anything on my electric golf trolley apart from the basic functions?

The base model electric golf trolleys are now absolutely superb. With functionality limited to stop and go, and different speed settings they do the job they are designed for perfectly. There are trolleys though, that are slightly more expensive, and offer some different features. The distance control function can be very useful. As you approach a green you can set the trolley off going to the next tee and it will stop after ten, twenty or thirty feet saving you time and energy after you have finished the hole. 

DHC or EBS (essentially the same as each other, just different brand names) is a particularly useful function. This prevents the trolley from speeding up when going down any sort of hill and keeps it at your walking speed. Definitely an option worth considering. Trolleys in this price range will also usually have a USB charging point for your phone or GPS device. 

At Scottsdale Golf we only stock the finest in electric golf trolleys. We have full ranges of Motocaddy electric golf trolleys, Powakaddy electric golf trolleys and Stewart electric golf trolleys, as well as all their respective accessories.  

Call us on 0161 969 4644 or email if you require further advice. 


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