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Shot Scope Pro L1 Golf Laser Rangefinder - Black/Grey

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Shot Scope Pro L1 Golf Laser Rangefinder 

If you want to start hitting your approach shots closer to the flag then then there are certain qualities and information that you need to take to the course. One attribute that would improve proximity to the hole is knowing how far you hit each club, amateur golfers are renowned for coming up short when hitting to the green due to overestimating the distance each iron goes. 

Equally as important is knowing the precise distance you have to the pin, and the golf laser rangefinder is the perfect device for this task. Whilst Golf GPS devices are great, they are not able to give you exact distances in the same way that a laser rangefinder can. Historically golf lasers have always been reasonably expensive but that is now starting to change as companies like ShotScope are now producing products with premium functionality at a much lower price. 

The Shot Scope Pro L1 Golf Laser Rangefinder is their first entry into the laser market and follows closely behind the release of the fantastic ShotScope G3 golf watch which was released this year to universal acclaim. The Pro L1 appears to be a similarly superb device and at a price that is over half as much as the most expensive on the market. 

The Shot Scope Pro L1 Golf Laser Rangefinder is one of the lightest lasers available today and is extremely easy to hold in one hand, textured surfaces aid with a solid grip and make it easy to keep the laser nice and steady.  

It offers a slope mode, which up until this point has only been available on the most expensive lasers. Slope mode is a vital part of learning how to club correctly on uphill and downhill shots as the amount of slope can make huge differences to how far a yardage will actually play. Tour pros will have their caddies map slope differences before a tournament, and make notes on how much difference certain shots will play. This mode is not legal in competitions and is easily turned on and off, with a red indicator light appearing on the laser when it is in competition mode. 

There are two modes on the Shot Scope Pro L1 Golf Laser Rangefinder, scan and flag-finder. The scan mode allows you to scan the horizon and get distances for any hazards that may be lurking in the distance. When in flag-finder mode the laser will actively look for a flag as you scan, helping you to lock in on the target. When it has successfully locked-in, the laser will vibrate giving you confidence building assurance that you haven’t scanned the trees 25 yards over the back of the green. 

With accuracy of 0.1 yard, it is just as accurate as any of the most expensive laser rangefinders on the market and its superb styling gives it a premium look. It also comes with a sporty carry case to keep it protected when not in use. 

The Shot Scope Pro L1 Golf Laser Rangefinder offers superb quality and functionality at a price usually reserved for entry level devices making it one of the most attractive lasers available today. 


  • Extremely light 
  • Slope function 
  • Scan Mode & Flag-finder mode 
  • Accurate to 0.1 yard 
  • Incredible value for money 

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